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Kent Electrical Services has been providing comprehensive rewiring services for residential and commercial locations since 2018. We understand the importance of planning when it comes to wiring, so we take care to work closely with customers to ensure that our solutions meet their exact needs. From newly constructed accessory dwelling units (ADU) to rewiring historic properties, let us be your first call. We will be glad to help make your home, office, or workspace more safe, functional, and efficient.

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Rewiring Your Property? Here Is What to Consider

Adu electrical installationWhether you are updating an older building or constructing a new space, planning for a rewiring project is key. But what should you include in your plan? Below you will find five crucial things to account for that can ensure your wiring will meet your needs and last.

Your rewiring plan should account for:

  • The devices and appliances you use and how much power they require. You want wiring that can safely and effectively support your load capacity.
  • Where you might need outlets or other power sources.
  • Whether you want to install more than just electrical wiring. For instance, you might want to equip your property with the appropriate wiring for a data or security system.
  • Local codes and regulations that apply to your project.
  • Your projected energy needs. To make sure you have an electrical infrastructure that can last, consider how your electrical load might increase in the future.

At Kent Electrical Services, we are your go-to for rewiring in Vista. When you choose us, we work hard to develop a plan that is tailored to you, and we stick to it. While rewiring can be a messy process, and one that might even require some demolition, we work diligently to deliver a result that minimizes your downtime and gives you the power and functionality that you need.

“Earl Kent and his partner Matt are excellent! I had these horrible fluorescent lights in my kitchen that were just terrible. I purchased new LED fixtures from Costco and wanted to use those. Earl and Matt rewired and installed 8 new LED light fixtures in under an hour. Very professional and excellent communication. They didn’t try to up-sell and did everything exactly how I wanted it. Super reasonable prices too! Kent Electrical are the only electricians I will use from now on!”

Devin B.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring became popular as an alternative to copper in the 1960s. Unfortunately, it has since come to pose serious safety risks for residential and commercial properties alike. Aluminum wiring expands and contracts at a greater rate than copper, which can cause connections to come loose over time and create an electrical fire hazard.

Not only that, but aluminum wiring can cause numerous hassles and is not as energy efficient as the alternative. Copper wiring is far more reliable and less prone to overheating or short-circuiting. It also has better conductivity, which means it requires fewer connections than aluminum wiring to deliver the same amount of power. Lastly, copper is better resistant to corrosion and oxidation, which allows it to work better for longer.

While upgrading your aluminum wiring can be a big undertaking, it is certainly worth it for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are safe, as well as the long-term cost reductions. Let Kent Electrical Services be the one you call for rewiring in Vista. We will be happy to create a plan to fit your property with reliable wiring, all with minimal downtime.

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