Emergency Electrical Services in Vista and North San Diego County

Electrical emergencies can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening in certain cases. Beyond the safety risks, many outages, faulty wiring, malfunctioning circuit breakers, and other urgent electrical issues can cause expensive property damage. Should you find yourself facing an emergency, contact our team at Kent Electrical Services right away. We have a wealth of experience dealing with all types of commercial and residential issues. No matter the situation, we can take quick action to mitigate immediate damage and hazards, then carefully diagnose the problem and come up with an effective plan for repairs or replacements.

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5 Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

Experiencing a blackout at your property while your neighbors’ still have power is an obvious sign you should call an electrician. Other indications, however, are not as apparent and might even be something you believe you can put off. Below is a list of five signs you should call for emergency electrical services in Vista.

Circuit breakers that unexpectedly or frequently flip: This could be an indication of faulty wiring or overloaded circuits. Whatever the case, a malfunctioning circuit breaker can cause unsafe conditions and lead to increases in your energy bills.

Hot or even burnt outlets: Should this happen, you might have wires that are overheating or connected to the outlet box loosely. A hot outlet can mean your property is at risk of an electrical fire.

Flickering lights: For this issue, it is important to take note of whether it happens when you plug in other appliances or if it is a constant problem. If one of these things is the case, you might have an issue with more than just the bulbs and fixtures. You could face something such as a damaged circuit or wiring.

Water damage: If your property has been flooded, or even if a small leak has caused water damage over time, your electrical systems could need immediate attention. Excessive moisture can wreak havoc with your wiring, cables, outlets, and more.

Buzzing noises coming from outlets or circuit breakers: If you hear this sound near these electrical features, get help immediately. Buzzing can be a sign that you have a loose or overloaded wire, or even that a dangerous electric arc is forming.

“Kent electric came today to quote a job for pendant lighting. They were able to provide a reasonable quote and do the work right on the spot. While he was here, I had questions for Victor regarding other small projects. He was able to give me honest feedback about what I could handle myself, and an idea on cost for items I'd need a professional for.Their work was clean, fast, and came out great. Couldn't be happier!”

Denise S.

Choose Well—Choose Kent Electrical Services

When you call us in an emergency, you get an experienced team on your side that is eager to be there for you when you need it most. We offer free estimates for all our services, so you can get an accurate idea of what repairs or replacements your situation calls for and how much it will cost. We will also be sure to work closely with you to provide a solution that addresses the problem at the source and lasts long into the future.

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Whether your emergency requires a panel upgrade, rewiring, or any other kind of professional service, we are your go-to. Choosing well means choosing Kent Electrical Services—the best emergency electricians in Vista.

Are you a veteran of the US military? Let us say “thank you” for your service with free troubleshooting for any electrical problems you might have. As a service-disabled veteran-owned company, we take care to look out for those who have served our country.