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How to Get Power to Your ADU

If you are building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) such as a workshop, attached garage, pool house, or guest house, you have likely wondered how you are going to power it. There are a few common ways to do this for ADUs. The first is by connecting it to your main power supply. The second is by installing a separate energy source. This second option can take multiple forms such as a generator, solar power system, or a localized connection to the grid through a dual meter panel.

At Kent Electrical Services, we can help you power your ADU, no matter what method you prefer. For every customer, we offer individualized solutions that can make your new space exactly what you imagined. ADUs require a good deal of electrical work, from establishing an energy source and installing wiring to fitting it with the perfect lighting. With us, you do not have to worry about juggling multiple contractors. Our comprehensive ADU electrical services in Vista can meet all your needs.

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With Our Help, the Benefits of an ADU Can Be Yours

We have seen countless customers install ADUs to capture numerous benefits. Some customers have wanted to up their income by creating a space to rent on Airbnb. Others have been interested in increasing their property value by adding functional spaces above their garages. And many have simply wanted to have a place where close family and friends could stay comfortably during a visit.

Whatever you are imagining for your ADU, consult with us about bringing power to your project. We will be happy to account for your electrical needs in the planning stages, or even perform work on an existing structure. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help you. We provide free estimates to all customers, so you can have a clear understanding of the price and scope of our services.

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“We're doing mainly a kitchen upgrade but had some other things done in the house. Matt and his team were here two times to do pre- and post-work based on what we were having done. What impressed us the most was that Matt was around A LOT watching his team, making recommendations, ensuring their safety, etc. He also made recommendations if we didn't understand something. Some contractors drop off the team and don't return. Not in this case.

They are a veteran-owned business and also offered us a military discount (we are both retirees). Thanks Kent Electric! You're our go-to electricians in the future!”

Pam H.

What to Consider When Choosing a Power Source for Your ADU

To help you determine how you might want to power your ADU, we have compiled the most important things to consider for each type of energy supply.

When connecting your ADU to your main power supply, you will have to:

Ensure you have the appropriate amperage to support your ADU’s energy load. If you do not, then you might have to upgrade your electrical panel to increase your energy capacity.
Install a subpanel for the ADU, which will host the independent breakers and circuits for the space.

Establishing a separate power supply for your ADU requires:

Installing a dual meter panel, which gives you a second connection to the main grid. Your utility company will meter it separately.
Adhering to local codes that concern where you can and cannot run cables or wiring.

Solar panels and batteries need:

An ADU design that provides ample space for panels, as well as an optimal location for your battery.

Generators work best for:

ADUs that you do not plan to use often. Generators can be a lifesaver in emergencies, but they are not ideal as a consistent source of electricity.
Situations when you have ample space and ventilation to safely operate a gas or diesel-powered unit.
One important thing to note is that for all these methods, wiring is key. Whether you need to set up the electrical infrastructure to use power from a solar battery or must establish a connection between your ADU’s subpanel and your main panel, you must have effective wiring that adheres to local codes.