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At Kent Electrical Services, we are some of the most highly respected commercial and residential electricians in Vista, California. For over half a decade, we have been committed to providing efficient solutions that prioritize safety and functionality. Whether we are rewiring a whole home or installing new features such as electric vehicle (EV) chargers or energy-efficient lighting fixtures, we offer reliable services that make use of the latest and greatest in electrical technology. With us, business owners, property managers, and homeowners alike can rest assured knowing they are getting cost-effective results that are designed to last.

While we offer a range of services, one thing remains consistent no matter the job: we seek to accommodate your needs, wants, and budget. When you hire us, we work closely with you to tailor electrical solutions to your property. From projects that involve large commercial buildings to those for smaller, residential add-ons, we are attentive to detail and sure to meet your exact specifications.

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Environmentally Friendly Electrical Services

No matter which of our Vista electrical services you come to us for, there are many ways we can help you save money and conserve energy. Projects both big and small have the potential to positively impact the environment, all while making your home, office, or workspace more functional, safe, and efficient.

Below are just a few of the ways we can help you go green:

Electrical Upgrades

We have made it possible for numerous customers to up their energy efficiency and reduce their monthly utility expenses through lighting and electrical panel upgrades. By doing something as simple as switching to LED or CFL bulbs, you can adequately light your property while using significantly less electricity from month to month. Beyond bulbs, motion sensors for outdoor lighting and dimmers or timers for indoor lighting can help you only use the energy you need and nothing more.

As for panels, switching from a fuse box to a modern circuit breaker can make an immediate impact on your energy consumption, as well as your safety. Modernizing an outdated panel can reduce wear and tear on wiring and eliminate breakdowns or shorts in circuits. Additionally, installing a new panel that is dedicated to specific appliances or areas of your property optimizes the amount of electricity you use.

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Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Faulty, aging, or damaged wiring can increase your energy use, in addition to posing risks. Whether your wiring has been overloaded or has loose connections, it can routinely waste power. Similarly, tending to faulty circuit breakers can ensure your panel is directing electricity in the most efficient ways possible. By properly maintaining all the components of your electrical infrastructure and getting timely repairs, you can avoid higher energy bills and keep your property and everyone in it safe from fires or electrocution.

Green Technologies

From EV chargers to solar batteries, we can help you capitalize on these beneficial technologies. EVs are everywhere these days, and it is little wonder. They do not produce carbon emissions, are relatively inexpensive to fuel, and can come with valuable tax incentives. With a proper EV charger, these advantages are yours for the taking.

Solar batteries offer similar advantages, as they can reduce utility costs and increase energy independence. Depending on the battery type, you can have enough electricity at the ready to power your most important appliances during an outage, or simply deliver energy for day-to-day use that reduces your reliance on the grid.

Are you ready to go green and save money doing it? Turn to Kent Electrical Services for repairs or help with your next project. When customers hire us, we make sure they understand all their options and what materials are best for the job. With us, you get solutions that are better for the planet and your wallet.

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