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Custom lighting is a quick, simple, and effective way to completely transform any home or commercial location. At Kent Electrical Services, we take great pride in offering lighting solutions that have dramatic effects on our customers’ spaces. Whether you want to modernize an area, compensate for insufficient natural light, or need a specific type of lighting for something such as a window display, we can make it happen. Are you ready to get the look or environment you have always wanted? Trust our experienced team for truly unique and beautiful custom lighting in Vista and North San Diego.

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Effective Ways to Personalize Your Space with Lighting

When we take on custom lighting projects, we often rely on two types of fixtures: recessed and tracked. Both allow property owners to create lighting environments that are exactly what they envisioned.

Below you can find descriptions of either and the advantages they offer:

Recessed Lighting

We install these fixtures directly into the ceiling or any other surface. This method creates a flush look that allows for plenty of headroom and avoids potential tripping hazards. With recessed fixtures, you can take advantage of directional lighting for task-oriented areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, they pair well with LED bulbs, which last longer, use less energy, and emit better light than traditional bulbs. Whether you are creating the perfect ambiance for your store or need functional lighting in your workspace, recessed lighting is a great option.

Track Lighting

These fixtures consist of two parts: the electrical track and the light heads, which are either pendant or floating lights. With track lighting, you can easily customize what gets illuminated in any given space. The tracks and light heads themselves also come in numerous attractive styles.

Track lighting is not just customizable, but it is also easy for property owners to install. There is no need for hardwiring with track lighting because its components are pre-wired. With its flexibility and ease, this type of lighting is a great solution for almost any aesthetic or purpose.

“Earl Kent and his team Vincent and Todd did a fantastic job installing 2 chandeliers on 25 foot ceilings! They were exactly on time and even finished earlier than the projected time. They used appropriate covering to protect floors, etc... They paid attention to details such as polishing the crystals when hanging my 2 chandeliers! They also cleaned up after themselves so as not to leave a mess behind. Overall they did an absolutely excellent job and they were so pleasant to work with...I highly recommend them!!”

Pia L.

Your Specifications Are Our Priority

Whether you are after new fixtures that illuminate a space for a certain purpose, bulbs that emit the exact color and warmth of light, or an attractive lighting aesthetic that passersby cannot help but notice, we are the right choice for the job. Do you want to know why choosing well means choosing Kent Electrical Services? It is because we work to your specifications every time. When you hire us, our team will communicate directly with you about what you need and want out of your custom lighting project, as well as your budget. Then, we get to work developing a plan to make it happen.

Since 2018, numerous commercial and residential property owners have come to us for custom lighting solutions in Vista that made their dream design a reality. We have been so successful because of how much we care about our customer’s satisfaction. We are motivated every day to bring power to projects that can help business owners attract new patrons, workers stay safe and efficient, and households feel comfortable. Do you have a dream lighting design? Trust our experienced team to make it a reality.

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