Commercial Electricians in Vista & North San Diego County

For your commercial electrical needs, look no further than Kent Electrical Services. We have years of experience in the industry and can help set your business or organization up for success with our quality solutions. No matter the job we prioritize your wants, needs, and budget. This makes us your top choice in Vista because we do not provide cookie-cutter solutions. With us, anything we repair, install, or replace is part of a personalized plan to make your property more safe, functional, and efficient.

To get a free estimate for your next service, get in touch with us today. One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the time we take to communicate directly with our customers. From the first phone call to the finishing touches, we make sure you understand what we are doing and why. In addition to our upfront estimates, this means when we are on the job there is no guesswork. When your store, office, or workspace’s electrical systems need attention, turn to Kent Electrical Services.

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We Prioritize Safety, Functionality, and Efficiency

Our commercial electricians in Vista strive to make our customer’s properties safe, functional, and efficient. What this looks like in practice varies from one project to the next, but our commitment to delivering results that achieve this aim is unwavering.

To keep your commercial property safe, we can:

Perform emergency repairs that mitigate damage and protect you from fire or electrical hazards in the future.
Install and service generators that can deliver the power you need to run appliances, machinery, data systems, lighting, and more during outages or shortages.

To increase your commercial property’s functionality, we can:

Upgrade your electrical panel to add energy capacity, or even install sub-panels to reduce wear and tear on your main panel and avoid tripping breakers.

Install a custom lighting design that creates the exact kind of environment you want inside your store or office.
Help you attract new customers, maintain regulars, or support employees by fitting your property with electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

To improve your energy efficiency, we can:

Help you take advantage of a solar battery, which allows you to store and use the power your panels harness. In turn, you can offset your energy costs from month-to-month.
Rewire your property to accommodate your evolving electrical needs or install wiring for a newly constructed or remodeled space.

“Earl and his team replaced an outdated electrical outlet for our ceiling fan and noticed that we didn't have the correct installation for the fan itself. They were able to quickly replace the fan box and get it installed properly! And as a bonus, his team member was able to complete some dry wall work we needed. Will definitely use them in the future.”

Gwen B.

How a Commercial Electrician can Save You Money

Our commercial electricians in Vista offer various services that can reduce your energy costs, prevent expensive damage, and enhance your business or organization’s productivity.

Take your lighting for example. Something as simple as installing energy-efficient LED bulbs can lower your electricity bills. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), LEDs use 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and they last up to 25 times longer.

Beyond lighting, getting timely updates for your wiring or circuit breakers could prevent power surges and other electrical issues that could cause costly damage to equipment, machinery, appliances, and other parts of your property. These services can also make certain you have the power you need to expand your space or increase your load capacity.

Finally, quality electrical work from our team can help you stay competitive. From smart lighting and automated control systems to solar technologies and EV chargers, we can equip your commercial property with technologies that give you an edge.

When choosing a commercial electrician, choose well—choose Kent Electrical Services. Get in touch with us online or call (760) 671-2350.